Surink reconnects people with their world…

But what is Surink?

Surink is a mobile app that will be available for download on android devices, iPhone & Windows Phone 7. It does three main things, allows you to post anywhere, know whose around you or kick back and enjoy an adventure.


Feeling a bit yawny? Why not download a local adventure! Cruise around your neighbourhood and messages will pop up at certain points. These adventures are like interactive books, audio books or movies.


How are adventures created? By Pioneers of course! If your the creative type, you can quickly and easily create adventures for others to explore by using our Pioneering App.

Post Anywhere
Leave a note anywhere. Decide who can see it, you, your friends, family or the public? It will last 6 weeks unless someone extends it.

Around You
Rolling into school or work and want to know who’s around? No problems, when your in the vicinity of your friends you will be alerted. Feeling hungry? Why not see if someone nearby wants to eat with you, because let’s face it, nobody want’s to be a lunch loner. Or perhaps your just bored and want to know a stranger nearby. Strike up a convo with a stranger, don’t like them? Just disconnect!

Want to rediscover your world?

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